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Dogs proved to be one of the best companions for human and are you are among those looking for activities to engage my dog? The truth is that it can be frustrating and embarrassing if your dog does not respond to your commands and disobeys you. There are several ways to train your dog and training not just helps you to make him understand what behavior is desired but it also builds bond between you and your furry partner.

Trainer adopt different ways to train their dog, some of the common ways are training him through dog’s favorite food, by praising him, excursion or by bringing him new toys. Similarly, there are different training techniques. Dogs are visually oriented animals and understand your body language more than your words. Pup parents usually try to train their dogs through verbal communication however it is easy to train your dog basic obedience commands through hand signals.

Teaching Your Dog Hand Signal
Teaching Your Dog Hand Signal

Things to Remember While Training Your Dog:

It is ideal to start training your dog as soon as you adopt him. Try to make him understand your command before age of 6 months. You should train your dog in quite place. Train him in a place with fewer distractions. An empty room or fenced in back-yard can be ideal for training sessions. The most important point is to not giving up soon.

Starting with Hand Signals:

First try to teach him basic commands through verbal communication. Once he has learned few of them start associating your verbal commands with hand signals and when he performs desired action, reward him for repetitive behavior. In this way keep creating association between unfamiliar hand signals and commands they already know. Simultaneously, teach your dog the same behavior if he is not able to understand you command at first, use combination of verbal command, hand signal and use your hands to move his body to the position or action you desire. You may also take help of a target in the starting to teach your dog that will later become a hand signal. Move the target according to the behavior you want your pup to show. For example if you want him to spin, circulate the target above his head so he may follow.

Teaching Your Dog Hand Signal-2
Teaching Your Dog Hand Signal-2

Be patient and repeat this many times to make sure that your dog understands the signals. Gradually, keep eliminating verbal communication and kibble from the equation and just use hand gestures to train him.

What Commands can be taught?

Well choosing a hand signal completely depends on the trainer. However, you can teach few basic obedience commands easily. Spinning, lying, sit, stand and stay is a set of common desired behavior.

For example: Dogs usually follow their parents to grab attention. As soon as he starts walking behind you this is an opportunity for you to train your dog to come by associating it with a hand signal and some activities to engage my dog.
You may create your own signals or just follow the ones present online. You can even share your canine story below in the comment. Till than stay paw-sit-tive!



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