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Having your dog to put on the best dog jackets for winter when it that chilling season would probably one of the best things ever. Imagine countless Halloweens to dress him up in quirky costumes or even in just a causal day out looking stylish. Dog clothes are absolutely great but your dog may not think so.


Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes
Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes


A few dogs are completely fine with wearing clothes. Their owners simply put an outfit on and voila! They are good to go for a casual day out. For many dogs and as much as the pet parents’ dismay, some dogs absolutely hate wearing clothes because it feels foreign and if the material is not right for the weather, will do everything in their power to get it  removed and you can’t really blame them.

The goal is to have them love it through association

In some cases however, it may be required for your dog to wear some layer of protection like clothes and training them to be okay with wearing clothes is actually doable. With that in mind, training your dog to absolutely love wearing clothes is also possible and your dreams of having matching costumes for Halloween with your dog my not be a far-fetched dream as you have initially thought.


Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes 2
Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes 2

Before anything else, when you do dress your dog up, be mindful of the climate. Dogs are also prone to overheating and even if they are stylish in wearing a hoodie out in the blazing sun, it may not do them good. Moreover, some outfits may not be

conducive or way too obstructive for them.

The most essential part of this training process is to not force your dog

For example, wearing a hat may be cute but if your dog moves around and having it on their head will prevent them in doing some simple tasks, it is better to not go with it for both convenience and safety purposes for your dog. Opt to take a picture instead, that way you can immortalize the way your dog looks in a hat.

Moving on, how do you train your dog to love wearing clothes? Like any other training, patience and consistency is key. Acknowledge that introducing something as foreign as clothes to dogs will take some time to getting used to.

For this kind of training, I prefer using positive reinforcement. The premise is to reward with treats and praises for the behaviors you want – in this case, wearing clothing – to encourage repetition. In this manner, wearing clothes is associated with fun time with you. to train your dog, start with the following:


Introduce the material first. Preferably you would opt for an outfit that doesn’t require for their heads to go through the neck hole yet. Introduce them the article of clothing, allow them to get a feel on it and give them a treat and ensure them with praises. Outfits like these Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes are the ideal type of clothing to start with because it can be zipped at the back.

Try putting it on and when you have successfully done it, give them a minute to get them used to it and then remove the outfit and then give them a treat. Repeat this numerous times while extending the time they have to wear the outfit. The goal is to have them love it through association. When you have done this a lot of times, your dog will feel at some point that it’s actually fun wearing it.


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#3 – Hurtta. …
#5 – Foggy Mountain Dog Coats. …
#6 – Chilly Dogs. …
#7 – Kurgo. …
#8 – Ezy Dog. …
#9 – Equafleece.

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Some outfits like this Sporty Hoodiewill require your dog to go through a neck hole. Now this will be another of your challenges because many clothes for dogs are made this way.

When you feel that your dog is ready to move on to shirts, the major hurdle is to get them comfortable of the shirt getting over their heads.

This will prove difficult because most dogs are uncomfortable with their eyesight being momentarily obstructed.



The key always is to calm them down through treats and praises. When you have successfully done so, you can move on to getting the sleeves on.

The same goes with wearing pants if you opt to have your dog wear it.

Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes 4
Winter Waterproof Warm Dog Clothes 4

Where to buy dog clothesis completely up to you. Granting that the material is breathable for your dog.

Personally, I prefer buying clothes in

trusted websites online like the Dog Life Store.

Getting your dog to wear clothes is definitely a challenge but not entirely possible to do. The most essential part of this training process is to not force your dog and allow them to take some time. Now that you pretty much get the basics of training your dog to love clothes, you may now start and slowly make your dream come true.

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