Would you love to have fun, save money and give your dog something unique at the same time? If so, here is how to make dog fruit biscuits that helps your pet to become healthy. Every dog owner takes special care to give the best food for his pet.

Being a dog owner, I am also taking the same care that they take for their pets. There are many recipes out on the market regarding dog foods. But my dog’s favourite choice is fruit biscuits. I always bake homemade doggy fruit biscuits.

People always want to know how I prepare this recipe at home. In all honesty, every single time I cook them differently. However today I am going to share an easy and simple way how you can make fruit biscuits for your dog at home.

Why make Homemade dog treats?

Preparing doggy fruit biscuits can be a fun hobby for your children. Baking homemade dog treats can be educational, as children know about math & measurements. Also, it gets them engaged in caring for their pet dogs. Let them help to select ingredients & cookie shapes. Homemade dog fruit cookies can be an excellent plan for the dog lover in your life.

There are more than 77 million registered dogs in the USA. That is why making doggy biscuits can be a profitable business for those who love to bake as well. Many dog owners will pay you if you can produce quality dog treats based on the dietary restrictions & food allergies of their dog. You will find dog-friendly icings you can include during the dog treat preparation that makes it more appealing.

You can show off your delicious creation for dogs by opening a store or working out of your home. You will find plenty of requirements to make a dog treats, so be sure to have enough research on what insurances & licenses you need.

Ingredients to make doggy fruit biscuits:

What you need (Ingredients):

Let’s see the common ingredients that you need when it comes to making your own dog biscuits. These are including:

4 Cups of Oats flour
2 Tbsp Flaxseed powder
4 Tbsp of Luke Warm Water
2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
1 Cup Pineapple Crush
1/2 Cup exquisitely chopped Tangerine or another dried fruit (dog-friendly)

What you need (Equipment):

Food processor
Giddy pin
Pastry brush
Cookie cutters
2 flat sheet pans

Instructions: How to make dogs treat with dog fruit biscuits

Heat an oven beforehand to 350º. Now place upon the racks so you can easily use 2 baking dishes.
Use a clean coffee grinder to grind flaxseed. Take a small bowl and pop the flax. Then mix lukewarm water, stir and hold up
Place your oats (4cups) into the food processor unit and grind them into flour. Take a large bowl and pour the oat flour.

Now you need to include flax, pineapple and coconut oil (melted) to the food processor machine and mix them finely. Also, include 1 cup of flour and blend them gradually to make a stiff dough.
Roll out the dough on a flat surface and scatter your dried fruit (chopped) over the top. Paste the mixture with hands, chopping and folding as essential to scatter the fruit out equally.

Add some flour to the dough if you need to make it workable.
Using cutter to curve out the biscuits. Place them on a cookie sheet.
Bake on a preheated oven for 20 minutes at 350º

For glazing: mix the broth & finely beaten eggs completely. Brush the biscuits with this glaze on both sides equally.
Put the cookie sheets back in the oven and bake for another 20 minutes.
Finally, remove the biscuits from the oven. Then cool and store them in a tight tin in the refrigerator

So now your dog-friendly pineapple biscuits are ready for your dog. Let’s your dog to taste these delicious biscuits. You can serve the biscuits to your dogs by your hand or in a small plate/dish. But I would like to serve the biscuits on his bed. I know he has sharp teeth and he can damage the bed while eating biscuits.

But I bought my dog a chew resistant dog bed. This way I feel hassle-free to serve the biscuits to my dog on his bed. Also, it is a surprise to my dog when he opens his eyes and finds his most liked delicious fruit Biscuits into his bed (chew-proof).


Right here & right now then, the homemade dogs treat is streets ahead of commercial pet fruit biscuits. It is because you are using quality, balanced and nutritious protein from safe, clean food sources. Try to make your homemade dogs treat I guarantee that your dog will love to have it. I hope with this guide on how to make dog fruit biscuits I have made your job a lot easier.

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